5 buone ragioni per scaricare LibreOffice 3.6

  1. Writer
    LibreOffice’s Writer word processor has been updated with myriad new enhancements in this latest release, including support for contextual spacing, the addition of Word Count to the software’s status bar, and support for importing Microsoft Office SmartArt. Numerous other tweaks have been made to the software as well, as well as to the LibreOffice label/business card wizard.
  2. Calc
    New in the Calc spreadsheet module, meanwhile, are improved CSV file importing, support for color scales and data bars, and an option to specify a custom sheet name prefix in new documents, among many other changes. New spreadsheet functions have also been added in accordance with the ODF OpenFormula specification.
  3. Impress
    Then there’s LibreOffice’s Impress presentation module, which has been tweaked to add a widescreen format for slideshows as well as 10 new master pages, as shown in the screenshot at left.
  4. Core Changes
    LibreOffice 3.6 now offers PDF export with a watermark option as well as an import filter for CorelDraw documents. An “ODF 1.2 Extended (compact mode),” meanwhile, is designed to provide better interoperability.
  5. GUI and More
    Last but not least, a refined interface, a new splash screen, and a redesigned “About” page are also included in this new release, as are a raft of performance improvements, bug fixes, and extended localization.

Among the organizations to embrace it recently, in fact, are the Capital Region of Denmark, the cities of Limerick in Ireland, Grygov in the Czech Republic, Las Palmas in Spain, the City of Largo in Florida, the municipality of Pilea-Hortiatis in Greece, and the Public Library System of Chicago.

FONTE: http://www.pcworld.com/businesscenter/article/260597/five_big_reasons_to_download_libreoffice_36.html

VISIT THE ORIGINAL WEBSITE: http://www.libreoffice.org/download/3-6-new-features-and-fixes

New official logo of LibreOffice.

New official logo of LibreOffice. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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